Our history

Who are we ?

Founded in 1999, Xilam creates, produces and distributes world famous animation series such as Oggy & Les Cafards, Zig & Sharko, Les Dalton, Les Zinzins de l'Espace and Oggy Oggy ... The idea of Xilam.shop was born from the want to offer exclusive and colorful derivative products to our fans around the world!

Today, we are happy to offer the youngest Oggy Oggy fans the brand's very first products!


Oggy Oggy is the new preschool hero! Games, adventure and friends are what make Oggy Oggy 's daily life so much fun! That's why he is always ready to live new experiences.

Do not hesitate to visit www.oggy-oggy.com to discover more about our hero!

About the products

Creative product development

An exclusive textile collection

Products suitable for children

Our commitment ? Foster the imagination and creativity of our little ones! In this shop, Oggy Oggy invites the child and his parents to prolong the stories discovered on the screen. But also everything that animates our little blue cat! To dress with Oggy Oggy is to carry with you images of tenderness and friendship, all in a colorful universe. Playing with Oggy Oggy means developing your curiosity, imagination and creativity surrounded by your favorite heroes.

Follow the adventures of OGGY OGGY